Product Guarantees

quality guaranteeOffering a Large Range of Guaranteed Products

Fireplace Warehouse is proud to stock one of the largest ranges of high quality branded Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Braais, Accessories and related products in South Africa. We offer popular brands proudly manufactured and produced within South Africa as well as those shipped in from all over the world including the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, South America and more.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction through Careful Product Selection

Due to our commitment to customer satisfaction we ensure that all products stocked by us are guaranteed against defect in workmanship and materials. We work closely with all suppliers and hand-pick only those products and brands which surpass our own expectations with regards to quality and workmanship.

Product Guarantees, Spares Availability & Maintenance

Each of the products we stock carries its own guarantee as stated on the individual product page or guarantee documentation provided on purchase and such guarantees can vary between 1 - 20 Years.

Fireplace Warehouse also ensures that all products sold by us offer a full service back-up and spares availability if required unless otherwise stated on specific products.

If at any time a product purchased from us is found to be defective or requires service you can contact us directly to enquire about its replacement, repair or maintenance.

Always ensure that your proof of purchase and product guarantee is kept in a safe place. In some cases products carry a limited guarantee and it is important to inspect and understand those limitations before purchase. Guarantees do not include items or parts which need to be replaced due to normal wear and tare. Certain products require the completion of Guarantee Registration Forms and we recommend that these are completed and submitted on purchase of such products to ensure that the guarantee is valid.

Stipulations & Requirements to Ensure Valid Guarantee

It is important to note that any and all product guarantees will become null and void in the event that a product is used for any other purpose than that which it was provided for or if usage and maintenance instructions are ignored. Also ensure that the correct fuel type is used at all times to ensure safety as well as optimum efficiency and care of the product. If a faulty product is at the time of inspection found to have become defective due specifically to installation by an unqualified person or installer or through use other than that recommended such a guarantee will become null and void.