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Professional & DIY Installation

service guaranteeYou have an option to choose between DIY or Professional Installation of your fireplace or braai. Please note however that all gas fireplaces MUST be fitted by a qualified gas installer.

Most of our products come with a complete installation guide, specifying requirements and also recommendations. This must be adhered to at all times for your safety as well as for the efficient operation of your product. Choosing the DIY option can however still be a daunting and difficult task, and you should decide if your knowledge in home improvements is sufficient enough to allow you to install the fireplace of your dreams or ending up with a disaster.

For most people hiring a professional such as the installation team from Fireplace Warehouse to install the fireplace or braai is the best option.

Expert Service Guaranteed

Fireplace Warehouse offers the services of highly qualified design and installation teams that can assist you with installing your fireplace, wood stove, braai or other related product.

12 Month Workmanship Guarantee

Fireplace Warehouse offers a no-nonsence 12 Month Workmanship Guarantee on all installations to give you the peace of mind you need to know you have chosen the right installer.

Our teams are proud to offer:

  • Full qualification & skill in wood, multi-fuel and gas installations.
  • Friendly & Helpful Service
  • Expert Advice & Guidance
  • Fast & Efficient Service & Installation
  • We take care not to leave any mess behind after install

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction through Service Excellence

Due to our commitment to customer satisfaction we will ensure that we adhere to our vision and mission of providing the best possible service to our clients throughout our constant strive towards service excellence.

Product Guarantees, Spares Availability & Maintenance

Always choose a qualified installer for your product to ensure that your product guarantee is not affected.

Assistance in the Event of Maintenance or Re-Installation after a 3rd Party Install.

Please always ensure that you use reputable and registered installers of fireplaces, wood stoves and braais to ensure that all installations are fully guaranteed to protect your safety, investment as well as the product you have purchased. In the event where Fireplace Warehouse is contacted to assisnt in a re-install, to help a client with correction of faults of a current install or in the event of maintenance of a currently installed profuct we will always quote you first.

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