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Member of Fireplace Association of South Africa

fireplace association imgThe Fireplace Assosciation of South Africa is essentially a promotional body for the fire, stove and fireplace industry and in particular those companies who are members of the Association so that consumers are assured of a fireplace or braai that is both safe, and functining correctly.

The Fireplace Association (FASA) is the trade association of the fire and fireplace industry. Its primary objective is to promote stoves, fires and fireplaces for all fuels, but it also seeks to encourage high standards within the industry.


  •  When you purchase a fire, fireplace or stove for your home you want to know that the company you choose for the work is reputable and will complete the work to your satisfaction.
  • You want to know that you have been given good advice and that the completed installation meets all the current regulations and standards.

Fireplace Association of SA members work to a ‘Charter’ to ensure that:

  • All appliances and other products sold meet current minimum mandatory UK and/or European standards.
  • Products that are well designed and manufactured.
  • When undertaken, installation will be to mandatory UK and/or European standards or standard practice and will be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Correct installation and instruction on use of the product by experienced people.
  • Where customer dissatisfaction occurs, a member of the Association will visit the site and give a written report. If a member is found to have contravened the code of ethics, they will be required to rectify the installation at their cost or face disciplinary action.

The long term goal of the Association is to ensure the correct and safe installation and use of all fireplace products in South Africa

So ... don’t take a risk when purchasing a fire, fireplace or stove.

  • Use members from an organisation you can trust.
  • Use a Fireplace Association of South Africa Member.
  • Look for the logo that proves a Showroom knows its business!

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