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Wrought Iron Angle Cottage Screen 600mm

Wrought Iron Angle Cottage Screen 600mm
Wrought Iron Angle Cottage Screen 600mm
Brand: The Craft Connection
Product Code: FS11C
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Wrought Iron Right Angle Cottage Firescreen 800x800x800

The fireplace adds warmth and elegance to a room like no other. However, fireplaces require extensive care and maintenance. There is also the risk of damage and fires from stray sparks and wild flames. Fireplace screens are a simple yet effective way to provide protection from the fire without spoiling the beauty of the fireplace. A fireplace screen is no doubt the simplest solution to prevent a dangerous situation. They offer protection to unsuspecting children and pets, preventing them from getting too close. Different screens are designed and fitted specifically to cover all types of hearths. 

Sizes of the screens are also very important. Since no two fireplaces are the same, sizes of the screens must also vary accordingly.

Keeping safety in mind, there are many accessories and tools that can be used to prevent accidents. A fireplace screen not only provides extra protection to prevent accidents, but also acts as a beautiful room accent.

Please note that the above price does not include Credit Card or Cash Deposit Transaction Fees, Parts, Surrounds, Fireplaces, Delivery and/or Installation. This can be added to your order from the "Related Products" tab or can be quoted on at your request.

Other sizes also available in this style - heavy duty child guard fireplacreen (100cmx100xmx100cm) = +/- R3250.00


Product Type Fireplace Firescreen
Material Wrought Iron

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