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Wonderheat - Flue-less Gas Drop-in Grate 1000MM

Wonderheat -  Flue-less Gas Drop-in Grate 1000MM
Brand: Wonderheat
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Wonderheat - WHP Flue-less Gas Pebble Drop-in Grate - 1000mm - 10kw 330m³

500MM R6300.00, 700MM R6500.00, 800MM R6700.00

A modern, freestanding, environmentally friendly, vent free gas fireplace. An excellent alternative as warming flames dancing from a bed of clean, white pebbles, creates an ambience to compliment any living area.

The Drop-In Range manufactured out of durable steel, painted with a heat resistant black paint. Each set comes complete with grate, vermiculite and pebbles.

OPTIONAL: Stainless Steel Surround available at an Additional Cost. Will be quoted on order placement.




COMBUSTION: CO/CO2 combustion mass ratio measured between 0.0007 and 0.0013 for all units specified 0.02

  • Designed and manufactured to the best and highest standards available and tested for full compliance with SABS.
  • Feature the ultimate in convenient ignition using a spark system that lights the burner faster and easier. 97% efficient vent free design with negligible pollution.
  • Units are fitted with an oxygen depletion sensor which monitors CO2 build-up and automatically switches off if CO2 exceeds permissible levels.
  • A flame failure device is also built in to the valve. This allows for the gas to be automatically switched off after a “flame out”, after which the unit has to be re-started manually.
WHP500 840g/h 630mm (l) x 250mm (d) x 160mm (h)
WHP700 1080g/h 820mm (l) x 250mm (d) x 160mm (h)
WHP800 1120g/h 920mm (l) x 250mm (d) x 160mm (h)
WHP1000 1320g/h 11200mm (l) x 250mm (d) x 160mm (h)

Please note that the above price does not include Credit Card or Cash Deposit Transaction Fees, Parts, Accessories, Surrounds, Delivery and/or Installation. This can be added to your order from the "Related Products" tab or can be quoted on at your request.

Product Type Flue-less Gas Drop-in Grate
Fuel Type LP Gas
Heating Output & Capacity Not Available
Dimensions 630mm (w/l) x 250mm (h) x 160mm (d)
Net Weight NA
Material High Quality Durable Steel
Finish High Temperature Paint
Available Colours Black / Stainless Steel
Flue Size Flueless
Flue Options Flueless
Included None
Optional Extras None
Product Guarantee 1 Years

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