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Thorma Falun II

Thorma Falun II
Brand: Thorma
Product Code: Thorma Falun II
Availability: In Stock
Color variations: F9480220610 | 
										čierny/čierne bočnice F9480222061 | 
										čierny/biele bočnice F9480222561 | 
										čierny/vínovočervené bočnice F9480222661 | 
										čierny/hnedé bočniceF9480223261 | 
										čierny/bočnice cappuccino F9480227310 | 
										čierny/sivé bočnice F9480229511 | 
										čierny/nerezové bočnice
Nominal heat output [kW] 8
Regulation range of unit [kW] 4 ÷ 12
Heating capacity [m3] 98 ÷ 190
Efficiency [%] 82,3
Fuel - wood
Fuel - lignite briquettes
Dimensions (h,w,d) [mm] 1040×550×390
External air supply
Flue pipe diameter [mm] 150
Upper pipe connection
Net weight [kg] 120
§15a B-VG
BlmSchV 1
BlmSchV 2
Gross weight [kg] 105
Pallet place quantity [pc] 8
Pallet place weight [kg] 880
Pallet place height [cm] 253
Flue gas temperature 261
Flue gas flow - wood [g/s] 6,1
Flue gas flow - lignite briquettes [g/s] 10
Chimney draught [Pa] 10

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