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Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey 92 (Wood) top Exit

Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey 92 (Wood) top Exit
Brand: Saey
Product Code: Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey 92 (Wood)
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With top class workmanship, superb castings and ease of use this stove leads its class with its massive heating capacity. Warm your home for less than R1 an hour, work out your own cost of running your existing open or gas fireplace and you will see it probably can be as high as R13 per hour. Save on your heating bill with this perfect alternative to fossil fuel usage. This Cast Iron Stove impresses with it's stature and heating capability. One of the largest Closed System Stoves in South Africa will meet most heating requirements. The preheated air wash system keeps the huge ceramix window clean which gives you an unrestricted view of this stove's awesome capability when fired up. A thermostatically regulated primary air vent ensures even more efficient combustion. A large side loading door is standard.


Weight: 180kg
Outlet diameter: 150mm
Body size (w x h x d): 710 x 765 x 580
Heating capacity: 460 m³
Nom / Max output: 14kW
Fuel source: Wood
Outlet options: Top and rear exit

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