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Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey Scope XL (Wood)

Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey Scope XL (Wood)
Brand: Saey
Product Code: Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey Scope XL (Wood)
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The Saey Scope XL is one of the most technically advanced stoves. It has been specifically designed to be efficient while allowing you to see the flames clearly through the extra large window with no handles or knobs visible to detract from the brilliance of the design. This unit is equipped with a preheated air curtain to keep the glass clean which is controlled by an ergonomically placed one touch knob at the back of the stove. A primary air control knob is discreetly hidden along with a large side loading door behind the right side panel. If you want a modern looking unit in your home, this is the ultimate. Weighing in excess of 200 kg it is the BOSS.


Weight: 220kg
Outlet diameter: 150mm
Body size (w x h x d): 670 x 800 x 475
Heating capacity: 395 cubic meters
Nom / Max output: 12kW
Outlet options: Top and rear exit
Fuel source: Wood

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