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Saey originates from Belgium. These freestanding fireplaces are exceptionally well built and functional. For decades, Saey has been expressing its passion for fire in the creation of stylish stoves. The seductive power of fire, packaged in a sober and timeless design, give Saey stoves their well-deserved place at the heart of your home.

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Saey 94 Cucina
The SAEY 94 Cucina is a success story. Because for generations on end, families have put their confi..
Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey 92 (Wood) top Exit
With top class workmanship, superb castings and ease of use this stove leads its class with its mass..
Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey 94 (Wood)
The Saey 94 is one of most popular stoves because of its rock solid design, ergonomics and finish at..
Saey Freestanding Fireplace Saey Scope XL (Wood)
The Saey Scope XL is one of the most technically advanced stoves. It has been specifically designed ..
Saey Gustav red
With its typically straight line, the SAEY Gustav gives a unique twist to the traditional look and f..

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