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Rocal G45DC - no fans

Rocal G45DC - no fans
Brand: Rocal
Product Code: Rocal G45DC
Availability: In Stock

Rocal Fireplaces are manufactured in Centelles, Spain. Our fireplaces are distinguished by their balanced design and excellent handcrafted finishes that do not eschew technology, which enables us to achieve excellent performance in terms of efficiency, output and low Co2 emissions.

We use the most appropriate material for each part of the fireplace (steel, stainless steel, vermiculite, fire brick and cast iron), along with heat resistant paint for the outer finish.

We aim to provide a functional design that is pleasing to the eye. We want our products to fit in with your projects. We are committed to continuous product improvement, innovation and efficiency and that has put our range right out in front. We use the latest technology to achieve optimal performance with minimal emissions, which also means considerable fuel savings.

Wood is an ecological, economical biomass fuel. A natural fuel that man has used since time began. It is the renewable energy source par excellence. Using wood instead of fossil fuels reduces the greenhouse effect, as it does not increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, wood is easy to find, relatively cheap and contributes to clearing South Africa from intruder trees. Don’t forget that wood burns slowly and elegantly and provides that special touch that makes a house a home.

All Rocal fireplaces shown here are available from Fireplace Warehouse.

Rocal G45DC Build in fireplace with glass doors - 16kw / 495m³

Also available with fans @ R86660.00

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