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Invincible Fireplaces & Wood Stoves - Affordable Quality

invincible logoThe manufacturers of Invincible Multifuel Fireplaces offer a range of affordable and economical cast iron closed combustion fireplaces to suit all sizes of living space and all budgets. All units in the Invincible range come with a 5 year limited warranty and meet EU and SABS requirements.

One can view the purchase of a slow combustion fireplaces as a life long investment.These Fireplaces can be removed and installed in your new home when you move.

Spares for the invincible range, such as Pyrex type heat resistant door glass, fire grates, throat plates, legs, etc., are readily available.

Invincible Fireplaces offer a 5 Year Limited Warranty* on all their fireplaces.

All Invincible fireplaces shown here are available from Fireplace Warehouse.

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Invincible - Lindley 6kW
Invincible - Lindley 6kW Slow Combustion Fireplace - 195m³ An entry-level model boasting 6kW output..
Invincible - Duxburry 8kW
Invincible - Duxburry 8kW Slow Combustion Fireplace - 265m³ A contemporary looking unit with simple..
Invincible - Chancliff 10kW
Invincible - Chancliff 10kW Slow Combustion Fireplace - 330m³ A robust unit with brushed steel hand..
Invincible - Oaklands 11kW
Invincible - Oaklands 11kW Slow Combustion Fireplace - 360m³ A handsome single door unit with tradi..
Invincible - Pallinghurst 12kW
Invincible - Pallinghurst 14kW Slow Combustion Fireplace - 395m³ A large single door provides a ple..
Invincible - Woodlands 14kW
Invincible - Woodlands 14kW Slow Combustion Fireplace - 460³ Strong, simple lines support the 14KW ..
Invincible - Dainfern 14kW
Invincible - Dainfern 14kW Slow Combustion Fireplace - 460m³ Simple ‘un-fussy’ lines on this taller..

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