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Invicta - Samara
Features - 2015 version In compliance with EN 13240 Reference : 6148-44 ..
Invicta Akimix
The Invicta Akimix is the only unit we know of in South Africa that can switch from wood log burning..
Invicta Chatel
The Invicta Gomont, Cassine and Châtel are a winning trio that provides three units with different h..
Invicta Gomont
Weight:               &nb..
Invicta Kazan
The Invicta Kazan is an impressive stove that has a stylishly formed body, large window and impressi..
Invicta Remilly
The Invicta Remilly is specifically made to fit into a more modern art deco style.  The Remilly..
Invicta - Onyx
Invicta Onyx - 12kw / 395m³ The Onyx is a large unique Masterpeice that creates a contrast between ..
Invicta - Ove
Invicta Ove 10kw / 330m³ The Invicta Ove is a 10kW contemporary stove with an oval or pod-like shap..
Invicta - Symphonia
Invicta Symphonia - 12kw / 395m³ The Invicta Symphonia is a beautiful panoramic cast iron stove wit..
Invicta Gaya
Invicta Gaya 12kw / 395m³ The invicta Gaya Woodburning Stove is a very large contemporary styled wo..
Invicta - Antaya
Invicta Antaya - 12kw-395m³ The Antaya wiil give you a real future to your living space.  Thw ..
Invicta Itaya
Invicta Itaya - 12kw / 395m³ The Itaya is a 12kW stove suited to the medium to large room and ..
Invicta Nelson Double Sided
Invicta Nelson Double Sided - 12kw / 395m³ A double sided modern clean lined slow combustion cast i..
Invicta - Oracle
Invicta Oracle - 14kw / 460m³ Where Performance meets beauty, the 14 kW Wood burning Oracle St..
Invicta La Borne
Invicta La Borne - Top outlet only La Borne - 10kw / 330m³ The Invicta La Borne is specifically ma..
Invicta - Bradford Red
Invicta Bradford - 12kw / 395m³ The Invicta Bradford Wood Burning Stove is a large 12 kW woodburnin..
Invicta - Mandor
Invicta Mandor - 12kw/395m³ The Mandor has a nice rounded anthracite design and finish. Looks best ..
Invicta - Argos
Invicta Argos - 12kw / 395m³ The 12 kW Wood burning Argos Stove from Invicta. A state of the art st..
Invicta - Chamane
Invicta Chamane - 14kw/460m³ The 14 kW Wood burning Chamane Stove from Invicta. A true designer Sto..
Invicta - Pharos
Invicta Pharos 12kw / 395m³ 360 Wood burning the Pharos Stove from Invicta is mounted on a turntabl..
Invicta - Siam
Invicta Siam 12kw / 395m³ The Invicta Siam 12 kW finished in anthracite is part of a brand new rang..

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