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13kW Black Infiniti Freestanding New Style -black legs

13kW Black Infiniti Freestanding  New Style -black legs
13kW Black Infiniti Freestanding  New Style -black legs
Brand: Infiniti Fires
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Infiniti - 13 kW Wood Stove - Top outlet only

This amazing stove has been available on the South African market for the last 4 years. It takes cognizance of the particular requirements of the South African market, which are not the same as our European counterparts.

We have no central heating as a primary source of heat.

We enjoy a principally summer climate which is leading to more and more open plan houses being built; with big volumes to heat in the winter.

We are the same as Europe and America, in demanding a heat source which is not detrimental to the environment and removes the need for us to burn our finite supply of fossil fuels for home heating.

To achieve this Infiniti has designed and made their wood stove with:

  • A high output to heat these large areas. Our Wood Stove with its 13Kw of heat output will comfortably heat 500 cubic metres of house.
  • A long slow burn time, so that it can comfortably burn through the night or whilst we are out during the day. We have found that with a full load of good quality wood this stove can burn at slow pace for up to 15 hours. A feat hitherto unheard of on any wood stove sold in South Africa.
  • A full vermiculite jacket inside the fire. This insulating material raises the combustion temperature inside the fire to in excess of 950c. At these temperatures the wood burns highly efficiently sending very little emissions into the atmosphere. The high temperature combustion sends about 70% of the heat of the fire out through the glass door as a light wave. This enables the heat to travel long distances across the room and keeps the heat down where you want it, particularly important in open plan/double volume spaces.
  • Available in black or with brushed stainless steel legs.


Trees take carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in their leaves and wood. When this wood is burnt it releases some of the carbon into the atmosphere again. The more efficiently the wood is burnt the less the emissions.

When burning a fossil fuel (gas, coal, anthracite), carbon is released from storage in the ground into the atmosphere causing the Greenhouse Effect, so worrying scientists. At present, apart from better emission control at power stations and more efficient appliances, not much can be done to stem these negative effects on our environment.

However, if you plant a tree to replace the tree you have cut down, the growing tree will take as much or more carbon out of the air than the cut tree will produce, when burnt in our highly efficient Wood Stove. A win-win for us all: A cleaner planet and a forestry industry.

In many European countries and the USA you would get a tax rebate for installing a highly efficient wood stove such as ours. The governments there have recognised both the benefits to the environment as well as the reduction in power demand if people can heat their homes off the grid. Less power required, less powerstations to finance and less pollution to the environment.


Closed Combustion Wood Stoves will have the ability to heat most if not all your home for a fairly miserly wood bill. This Closed Combustion Stove would easily heat 150 square meters to T-Shirt temperature for the whole winter for less than R3000.00 worth of wood.

This is by far the CHEAPEST way to keep warm in South Africa and it is not reliable on Eskom power or Gas Supply. This Wood Stove will keep you warm this winter at a quarter of the price of electricity and at a sixth of the price of bottled gas, yet again proving to be the most cost effective heating option!

Product Type Wood burning Slow Combustion Fireplace
Fuel Type Wood Only
Heating Output & Capacity 13kW / 430m3
Dimensions 849mm (w/l) x 924mm (h) x 405mm (d)
Net Weight Not Available
Material High Quality Rolled Steel Firebox
Finish High Temperature Paint
Available Colours Black
Flue Size 150mm - Flue and other parts to be ordered separately.
Flue Options Top Only
Included None.
Optional Extras None.
Product Guarantee 5 Years

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