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700 Flue-less Gas Drop-in Grate - S/Steel

700 Flue-less Gas Drop-in Grate - S/Steel
700 Flue-less Gas Drop-in Grate - S/Steel
Brand: Infiniti Fires
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Infiniti - 700 Flue-less Drop-in Grate Gas Built-in Fireplace (Also now available in special sizes 1300mm-1800mm / 1800mm-2300mm Black or Stainless Steel)

Our drop in grates are designed to simply drop into a hole in a slab, very much like a kitchen hob drops into the kitchen counter.

The slab can be made out of any non combustible material; concrete, granite, marble, etc. to enable you to make a fashion statement to suit your home.

It is imperative for the grate to function, that there is an adequate air supply to the underside of the slab. All our Drop in Grates are provided with a louvre for you to build into the brick structure to allow the required amount of air in.

  • Available in 700 or 1000mm size
  • Available in black or brushed stainless steel
  • Black unit is supplied with natural white stones to enable you to cover the grate in stones if so desired
  • Grates can be fitted flush with slab surface or recessed into it to give different looks
  • Available with Flame Dancer Grate

Flue-less Gas Fires are without a chimney and are therefore considerably more fuel efficient. The design of the fire is such that the amount of carbon monoxide/dioxide produced is minimised to make the fire safe to use without a chimney.

In the INFINITI gas fireplace range, with a uniquely designed combustion system, they reach heating efficiencies of close to 100%. This makes these flue-less fireplace units superb for the economical heating of large spaces. And of course the units are perfect for installation into rooms or houses without chimneys.


INFINITI gas fires are equipped with flame failure devices. This ensures that the gas supply is automatically switched off should the pilot light cease burning. INFINITI flue-less gas fires also have an oxygen depletion sensor which will switch off the fire if it detects a low level of oxygen in the room.

These safety devices make these units very safe to use.

As flue-less gas fires consume oxygen and produce Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide, adequate air supply is essential to ensure peak performance from them. Please refer to the table on the last page of this brochure detailing the minimum room size our flue-less appliances should be installed in.

It is ideal that some ventilation occur, either in the form of air bricks or gaps around doors/windows, so that fresh air can be introduced and stale air removed. Chat to the salesman or gas installer you are using regarding the requirement for your application. See table on rear page containing information on minimum room sizes and ventilation requirements.

It is illegal to install any flue-less gas fire in a bedroom or bathroom. In the event you wish to install one of our fires in a bedroom or bathroom a flued gas fire must be used.

INFINITI flue-less gas fires have recorded CO/CO2 ratios of approximately 4 to 50% of the maximum legal/safe limit set by the authorities in South Africa. These low figures put them at the forefront of technology in South Africa, which guarantees not only their safe useage but also a virtually odourless operation, an essential component of a superior flue-less gas fire.


The Flame Dancer Grates are Infiniti’s new grates. They have a flame that exits the grate in a vertical sheet of flame about 100mm high, if left uncovered. The design of the burner creates a flame that dances, hence its name. If covered the flame effect will spread across the grate and give a more traditional look.

The Infiniti Flame Dancer Grates were designed to give not only stunning modernistic looks but even more importantly VERY low emissions. If left uncovered these grates run at 4% of the legal maximum emissions allowed in SA and if covered with our approved coverings at 25%.
These industry leading low emissions are very beneficial in terms of:

  • a virtually odorless grate
  • a very safe grate with the lower amounts of Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide produced
  • a more efficient grate as more of the carbon in the fossil fuel is converted in the combustion process to usable heat

Burner Uncovered

  • White or black stone chips around the burner
  • Natural white stones around the burner
  • Stainless Steel Base plate. This gives an amazing reflection of the dancing flame, fantastic for modern homes

Burner Covered

  • White or black chips around the burner, natural white stones over the burner
  • Natural white stones around and over the burner

Black 700 Flue-less drop in grate = R7350.00                                                   Stainless steel 700 Flue-less drop in grate = R8925.00

Drop Grate 1

Black Drop In

Drop Grate 2

Stainless Steel Drop In

Drop Grate 3

Black Drop In Covered in Stones

Drop Grate 4

Recessed Black Drop In Covered with Stones

a b c d
700 880 5 200 470
1000 1100 5 200 700
Size of cut out for grate to drop into 1190 595 595 0
700 170mm x 840mm
1000 170mm x 1060mm

Remember: Finishes and grate choices are interchangebale at any time. However, the initial box choice defines the alternatives available. Flue-less gas cannot be adapted to flues gas, and flue-less or flued gas cannot be adapted to solid fuel.

Unit Heat Heating Capacity Gas Consumption g/hr Legal Minimum Room Size Cross Ventilation Required
Drop-in Grate kW m3 Low High m3 cm3
700 Flame Dancer 7kW 300 250 490 98 2 x 160
1000 Flame Dancer 10kW 400 450 740 148 2 x 240

*Cross ventilation is required if your room is smaller than the legal minimum room requirement.

Product Type Flue-less Gas Built-in Fireplace
Fuel Type LP Gas
Heating Output & Capacity 7kW / 300m3
Dimensions 880mm (w/l) x 170mm (h) x 200mm (d)
Net Weight Not Available
Material High Quality Steel
Finish High Temperature Paint
Available Colours Black / Stainless Steel
Flue Size N/A
Flue Options Flue-less
Included None.
Optional Extras Various style option to choose from
Product Guarantee 2 Years

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