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700 Flued Gas Built-in - no frame

700 Flued Gas Built-in - no frame
700 Flued Gas Built-in - no frame
Brand: Infiniti Fires
Availability: 1 - 14 Days

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Infiniti - 700 Flued Gas Built-in Fireplace

Our flued fires are designed to look as realistic as possible in terms of simulating a real coal or pebble fire burning. However in creating this effect they produce a fair amount of carbon monoxide /dioxide which needs to be vented up a chimney.

Generally speaking some 60% of the potential heat from our flued gas fires is lost up the chimney. This is balanced with a zero fume dispersion into the room. This means that our flued gas fires are completely odourless and are the right choice for bedrooms, small rooms or where people are asthmatic.

The construction of our flued unit ensures the most natural looking flame pattern in a non wood burning fire.

Furthermore the firebox allows any of the optional frame styles to be fitted to it, even after construction is complete. This gives the homeowner the flexibility of changing the look of the fire at any time, by changing the frame and door and or the gas grate.

For the developer it allows them to build in a standard firebox and fit the frame and grate option selected by the house purchaser on completion of building.

This item is available in 700mm Single sided built in version. 1000 box size not available.

Choice of fuel effect:

  • Coal
  • White Pebble

Listed Price includes and comes with Standard 700 Firebox only and comes with Pebble, Coal Effect Grate.

The Frame can be selected and added from frame options drop-down menu.

Frames & Trims Available as Optional Extras:

  • Standard 40mm Frame - Black
  • Deluxe Frame - Black or Stainless Steel
  • Extra Wide Frame - Black or Stainless Steel
  • Wraparound Frame - Black or Stainless Steel



INFINITI Standard Black


INFINITI Deluxe Black Frame


INFINITI Deluxe Stainless Steel Frame


INFINITI Extra Wide Black Frame


INFINITI Extra Wide Stainless Steel Frame


INFINITI Wraparound Black Frame


INFINITI Wraparound Stainless Steel Frame


Frame Sizes a b c d
Standard Box 775 590 590 0
Deluxe Frame 935 595 595 0
Extra Wide Frame 1190 595 595 0
Wraparound Frame 1165 618 672 54
1000 Box Size Not Available


Unit Grate Effect Heat Output
Heating Capacity
Gas Consumption per Hour
kW m3 Low High
White Pebbles 3kW 90 450 700
Coals 4kW 120 400 600

Remember: Finishes and grate choices are interchangebale at any time. However, the initial box choice defines the alternatives available. Flue-less gas cannot be adapted to flues gas, and flue-less or flued gas cannot be adapted to solid fuel.

Product Type Flued Gas Built-in Fireplace
Fuel Type LP Gas
Heating Output & Capacity 3kW - 4kW / 90-130m3
Dimensions 775mm (w/l) x 590mm (h) x 400mm (d)
Net Weight Not Available
Material High Quality Rolled Steel Firebox
Finish High Temperature Paint
Available Colours Black / Stainless Steel
Flue Size 185/200mm - Flue and other parts to be ordered separately.
Flue Options One from the Top
Included None.
Optional Extras Various frames options to choose from.
Product Guarantee 15 Years

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