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ILD Fireplaces & Wood Stoves - The Beautiful Flames

ILD logoThe Norwegian word for fire is ILD, and fire means heat, - and that is what these clean burning woodstoves are about.

The clean cut and seamless design is why an ILD stove brings extra value to your home. The steel quality is world class, and you can choose from two beautiful woodstove models with different features and details.

Made by ILD (a Jotul Group Company) these fires have all the benefits of Danish design in both looks and effeciency but at a lower price.

The ILD woodstoves have several features that make them the obvious choice:

  • Air wash system keeps the glass clean from soot and particles
  • The burn chamber has a durable cast iron bottom plate
  • The riddling grate makes it easy to shake the ash down into the ash box
  • Greater flexibility, allowing positioning in tighter spaces with its ability to be placed nearer to combustibles
  • Easy to fit in small spaces because of short distances to combustibles
  • Hidden and easy-to-use ash solution
  • Beautiful vermiculite burn plates
  • Cost efficient stoves

ILD offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty on all their fireplaces.

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ILD 1 - 8kW Wood Stove - limited stock
ILD 1 Wood Stove 8kW This woodstove has a clean cut and seamless design, which gives a lift to any ..
ILD 3 - 8kW Wood Stove - limited stock
ILD 3 Wood Stove 8kW This woodstove has large side windows that give great view to the flames. An a..

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