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Dovre 2510C - Classic Built-in + Fan -SPECIAL ORDER ONLY

Dovre 2510C - Classic Built-in + Fan -SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
Dovre 2510C - Classic Built-in + Fan -SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
Brand: Dovre
Product Code: DOVRE-2510C
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Dovre 2510C - Classic Built-in Fireplace with Fan

This is a multi-fuel fireplace and includes a Cast iron Combustion Chamber, Cast iron door with large glass frontage, convection chamber, removable ash pan, riddling grate, riddling grate handle is standard issue with the whole range. Also included is an instruction manual.

Variable fan assisted convection is standard. Once the fans are turned on they will start and stop by means of thermostat control. The convection chamber is made from 2mm mild steel. Logs up to 50cm in length can be used. The riddling grate with open and close position ensures optimal combustion regardless of the fuel being used. Convection air can be channelled, through secondary ducts to adjacent rooms. Just be aware that this will decrease your convection in the primary area. Trim plate is an optional item.

For many people, an open fireplace is the cosiest way to keep warm there are however a few economic arguments for a closed system fireplace.

A built-in fireplace fitted with a surround and mantelpiece is a beautiful feature in any home. These units are effective and economical fuel users and produce heat by way of convection and radiation. There is something magical about the atmosphere of living flames and it will really turn your house into a home. These fireplaces are easy to operate and to clean. Turn your open brick fireplace into an effective and economic fuel user with the added advantage of an enormous heating capacity, by installing a Dovre insert.

Dovre’s combustion system together with the air-wash system ensures that, with correct air settings, the glass is always clean. Some the inserts feature electrical fans that assist the convection to give a very quick and optimum heat distribution throughout the area.

High quality cast iron is the ideal material for optimal heat storage and radiation. Heat is released into the surroundings long after the fire has gone out. Cast iron is resistant to strong thermal stress and retains its shape. The fireplace thus remains tight and has a very long service life.

Built-in units are equipped with large glass doors to allow for maximum view of the flames.

Built-in units are also available in double sided. Use your fire optimally by installing a double-sided unit between two rooms. Logs up to 50cm can be used in most built-in units. With most built-in units, convection air can be ducted to other rooms with flexible ducting.

Easy to install, easy to use, minimal maintenance….thus if you have to choose an insert, choose one from Dovre. Surrounds, mantelpieces and toolsets can be used creatively to add a beautiful Victorian or modern effect to your home interior.

The 3 year guarantee against heat damage, faulty workmanship or material, along with Home Fires’ after sales service will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.


Please note that the above price does not include Credit Card or Cash Deposit Transaction Fees, Parts, Accessories, Surrounds, Delivery and/or Installation. This can be added to your order from the "Related Products" tab or can be quoted on at your request.

Product Type Cast Iron Built-In Convection Fireplace with Fan (Thermostat Controlled)
Fuel Type Multi-Fuel
Heating Output & Capacity 10kW - 12kW / 335m3 - 400m3
Dimensions 670mm (w/l) x 620mm (h) x 450mm (d)
Net Weight 180kg
Material Cast iron Combustion Chamber, Cast iron door with large glass frontage & 2mm mild steel convection chamber.
Finish High Temperature Paint
Available Colours Black
Flue Size 150mm - Flue and other parts to be ordered separately.
Flue Options One from the Top
Included Removable Ash Pan, Riddling Grate, Riddling Grate Handle & Insstruction Manual
Optional Extras 3mm Mild Steel Trim Plate
Product Guarantee 3 Years

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