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Chad-O-Glo Hanging VFP511

Chad-O-Glo Hanging VFP511
Chad-O-Glo Hanging VFP511
Brand: Chad-O-Glo
Product Code: VFP511
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Chad-O-Glo - Hanging Vent Free (Flueless) Gas Fireplace

This wall mounted or hanging flueless gas fireplace with its Plain Back and Narrow Frame is perfect for a small apartment or as a fine feature hung on the wall.

The whole unit is made from Stainless Steel, making it very easy to clean. This Fireplace is Completely Clean Burning. 100% of the Heat is Retained. It is Equipped with oxygen depletion system and flame failure device.

Installation Requirements:

Building: The unit needs can be wall mounted by hanging it onto a fire-resistant surface. A masonary shelf may be fitted 300mm above the fireplace but under no circumstances should any electrical equipment such as plasma screen TV sets be positioned on the wall above. Any ornaments positioned above the fireplace must be able to withstand the elevated temperatures and moisture. No combustable materials whatsoever must be used or placed above the fireplace.

Gas Installation: This fireplace may only be installed by a registered gas installer.

Choosing a Site: This fireplace may be installed in any room in the home except in enclosed bathrooms or bedrooms where the humidity levels are too high. Avoid areas where there are strong draughts, which may be generated by outside doors. It is recommended that this fireplace should not be installed within 500mm of any air vent as this could affect the workin of the O.D.S. An outside wall is most convenient for the gas installation.

 To the sides  100mm
 To sides for curtains and fabric  500mm
 To the ceiling  800mm
 To a floor (including carpet)  100mm
 To combustable furniture in front  1000mm


Chad-O-Glo uses the latest technology in our fireplaces that gives you optimal heat output, no gas odours and very effective gas consumption. No chimney or extraction is required because this vent-free fireplace gives you all the heat you need, with no smoke.

Chad-O-Glo fireplaces are manufactured in South Africa. They are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Chad-O-Glo also offers a full service and spares back-up for all their fireplaces.


Product Type Vent Free / Flueless Gas Fireplace
Fuel Type Gas LP & Natural Gas Options Available. Approved by LPGASA and SABS.
Installation Type Build-In / Wall Mounted / Hanging
Gas Consumption 0,26kg per hour
Heating Output & Capacity 3,6kW / 44m2 / 144m3
Dimensions 650mm (l) x 118mm (d) x 555mm (h)
Net Weight Not Available
Material Stainless Steel for added aesthetic value.
Finish Plain Curved Back + Narrow Frame
Available Colours Stainless Steel
Flue Size Not Applicable
Flue Options Vent Free / Flueless
Airflow Adjustment Not Applicable
Included Equipped with oxygen depletion system and flame failure device.
Optional Extras None
Product Guarantee 2 Years

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