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Rinnai Gas & Radiant Heaters - Flexible Heating Solutions!

rinnai logoAt Rinnai, we have a wide range of sleek and contemporary portable flueless gas and radiant heaters, from simple, robust radiants, to the super-economical, technologically advanced convectors. Best of all, they require no installation and can be stored away when not in use.

Why choose a Rinnai?

  • Reduce your running costs - our portable gas heaters are very efficient to run, and will save money.

  • Better indoor air quality - using the latest burner technology, they’ll give you the cleanest portable gas heating for your home.

  • Environmentally friendly -natural gas is one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources.

  • Rinnai’s unique electric boost -a number of our portable gas heaters have a thermostatically controlled electric boost, which provides an extra 2.0 kW of heat.

Only Rinnai offers the quality and reliability that is built on a 45 year history of innovation and improvements. Rinnai commands quality through in-house design, engineering and manufacturing, and insures your satisfaction with in-house support.
Leading the industry. Around the world.

At Rinnai, we are fiercely committed to delivering nothing less than our absolute best. Our passion for constant improvement drives us to create incredibly innovative water heating and home heating gas appliances for both residential and commercial applications. As a result, our products have continued to lead the industry. In fact, sophisticated, efficient performance makes Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters some of the best tankless water heaters on the market.

Rinnai offers a 1 Year Limited Warranty on all their gas heaters.

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