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Aduro 13

Aduro 13
Brand: Aduro
Product Code: Aduro 13
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This charming cast-iron stove with side glass is the perfect solution for narrow spaces. Its modest depth and almost floating combustion chamber gives the stove an appearance of lightness. The stove’s exterior is made of cast iron to provide soft curves and fine detailing. The handle is integrated into the stove so that the handle does not protrude into the room. 

It is not only the design of this stove that is noticeable. This is also a super-combusting stove. Aduro 13 has uniquely low particle emission – 1.16 g/kg wood which is among the lowest in the world.
”The cast iron gives the stove a sturdy, raw and rustic feel. Like a small machine emitting warmth and harmony.”

Designer, Torben Madsen

Weight: 80kg
Outlet diameter: 150mm
Body size (w x h x d): 480 x 870 x 345 mm
Heating capacity: 210 cubic meters
Nom / Max output: 2-7 kW
Outlet options: Top and rear exit
Fuel source: Wood

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