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Aduro 12

Aduro 12
Brand: Aduro
Product Code: Aduro 12
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Cubist wood-burning stove with large corner glass to provide stylish view of the flames from several angles. Aduro 12 is the ideal corner solution as the flue outlet can be angled to both sides. This model is also available with an module for firewood storage – which means that the stove is best fitted on a straight wall. A new top plate ensures that the module is fully integrated with the stove. External air supply Aduro 12 has the option of external air supply where air for combustion from an external source is connected directly to the stove. The air supply itself is concealed behind or beneath the stove. The optimum choice for very well-insulated homes.


Weight: 110 kg
Outlet diameter: 150 mm
Body size (w x h x d): 418 x 1015 x 418 mm
Heating capacity: 270 cubic meter
Nom / Max output: 3 - 9 kW
Fuel source: Wood
Outlet options: Top and rear exit

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