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Aduro 1-1

Aduro 1-1
Brand: Aduro
Product Code: Aduro 1-1
Availability: In Stock

Aduro 1-1 is the epitome of crackling warmth and its clean lines make it the perfect stove solution for any home. The stove’s round shape gives it a calm and harmonious feel – a natural extension of the lines of the chimney. The curved glass utilises the view of the flames to the full.The Aduro 1-1 is a Convection stove and has air-wash system, ashpan, primary, secondary and tertiary air supply.

Weight: 93 kg
Outlet diameter: 150mm
Body size (w x h x d): 500 x 1015 x 445mm
Heating capacity: 270 cubic meters
Nom / Max output: 3 - 9 kW
Fuel source: Wood
Outlet options: Top and rear exit

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