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Aduro’s two designers Casper Storm and Torben Madsen have been dedicatedly working together since the company’s inception. Their principal task is to create modern and environmentally friendly wood burning stoves with a Scandinavian feel. The stoves are designed with simple and stylistically pure lines, hidden hinges and invisible welds. The control handle is discreetly concealed to avoid spoiling the sensation of a living fire. To maintain visual access to the flames, stoves are equipped with an efficient air-wash system that prevents soot collecting on the glass panes.

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Aduro 1-1
Aduro 1-1 is the epitome of crackling warmth and its clean lines make it the perfect stove solution ..
Aduro 12
Cubist wood-burning stove with large corner glass to provide stylish view of the flames from several..
Aduro 13
This charming cast-iron stove with side glass is the perfect solution for narrow spaces. Its modest ..
Aduro 8
This is what the designer of the stove Mr Torben Madsen has to say about this gem of a stove: "This..
Aduro 9-2
“My concept for Aduro 9-2 has been to take a clear-cut geometric shape – the cylinder – and cut deta..

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