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Kamando Jan | Big JAN 57cm

Kamando Jan | Big JAN 57cm
Brand: Kamado Jan
Product Code: BigJan
Availability: In Stock

We all have that one friend who is never satisfied with only one steak on their plate. We understand the struggle. Big JAN makes sure you don’t leave your guests wanting more, because it simply serves up so much more. With a Big JAN’s cooking surface all you need to worry about is if you have enough meat….

Big JAN’s Specs

  • Premium 57cm ceramic grill,
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Bamboo handle
  • Divide & conquer cooking system
  • Multi-position stainless steel rack
  • Two stainless steel halved grill grates
  • Two ceramic halved heat deflectors
  • Adjustable flue regulator

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