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Kamando Jan | JAN 21 49cm

Kamando Jan | JAN 21 49cm
Brand: Kamado Jan
Product Code: Jan21
Availability: In Stock

You know the age old rivalry between twins… who was born first, who is the oldest… and all that. Well, that’s what JAN 21 is to JAN 20…

Both are loved equally, we’re sure, but for those who want a slightly larger grill and deeper charcoal firebox, JAN 21 is the one for you.

JAN 21’s Specs

  • Premium 49cm ceramic grill,
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Bamboo handle
  • Divide & conquer cooking system
  • Multi-position stainless steel rack
  • Two stainless steel halved grill grates
  • Two ceramic halved heat deflectors
  • Adjustable flue regulator

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