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Kamado Jan

Kamado Jan

Kamado JAN is a ceramic grill which uses lump charcoal to cook food either directly or indirectly.

The ceramic grill is a traditional Japanese cooking stove. Modern versions of the cooker are now produced and sold internationally….. and this product has literally started taking the world by storm and is becoming a worldwide phenomenon!!

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Kamando Jan | Big JAN 57cm
We all have that one friend who is never satisfied with only one steak on their plate. We understand..
Kamando Jan | JAN 20 46cm
In cricket it’s called an all rounder, we call it JAN. Not too small and not too big. With 46cm of c..
Kamando Jan | JAN 21 49cm
You know the age old rivalry between twins… who was born first, who is the oldest… and all that. Wel..
Kamando Jan | JAN Jnr
JAN Jnr might be the baby in the family but that does not mean he cant handle the heat! Small and co..

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