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Blaze Closed Combustion Fireplaces & Wood Stoves - Fireplaces of Distinction

Blaze FireplacesBlaze Slow Combustion Fireplaces consist of an insulated firebox which allows the air in your home to be efficiently heated. These fireplaces use two separate paths of combustion air, both of which are preheated. The result is two simultaneous combustion zones and a much more efficient means of heating using wood.

Blaze Fireplaces Offers Warmth, Comfort & Relaxation

Blaze Slow Combustion Fireplaces have an insulated pyro-glass window to the combustion firebox, which gives an optimal view of the fire while containing sparks and smoke.The presence of two combustion zones and much higher combustion temperatures allows for a truly beautiful visual effect in the home.

Blaze offers a 1 Year Limited Warranty on all their fireplaces.

All Blaze fireplaces shown here are available from Fireplace Warehouse.

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