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Multibraai B/I Charcoal 1000 Dual braai

Multibraai  B/I Charcoal 1000 Dual braai
Multibraai  B/I Charcoal 1000 Dual braai
Brand: Firefox
Product Code: Multibraai-Braai B/I 1000Char
Availability: 1 - 14 Days

MegamasterMultibraai Dual Braai

This unit is new to our range and has the concept that the mild steel Braai Box will equally well take a gas grill or charcoal option. This practice is rare in South Africa in that a lot of manufacturers make one Braai Box that takes a gas unit and a same outer size but internally different Braai Box for the charcoal.

The benefits to the developer / builder are that the Braai Box can be built in as standard on a development, and the choice of cooking method be chosen by the new home owner when they purchase.

For the existing home owner it does offer the versatility of being able to swop easily from charcoal to gas or vice versa if the need arises.

Our unit comes with a single front door that opens and slides back into the Braai Box under the grill. This creates a very stable table on which to stand your meat platter and sundries, and allows you to adjust the depth of the table to suit your requirements.

The gas grill for this option has easily removable Stainless Steel grids with circular bars. These are sized to enable easy cleaning in a normal kitchen sink.

1000MM Dual Multibraai with gas grill - R15300.00

1000MM Dual Multibraai with charcoal tray - full stainless steel - R22590.00

1000MM Dual Multibraai with gas grill - full stainless steel - R27050.00





Product Type Built-in / MultiBraai Dual Braai
Fuel Type Charcoal or Gas
Heating Output & Capacity Not Available
Net Weight Not Available
Material Iron / Steel
Finish High Temperature Paint / Steel
Available Colours Black
Flue Size Flue and other parts to be ordered separately. Firefox flue pipes only.
Flue Options One - From the top
Airflow Adjustment Not Applicable
Optional Extras None
Product Guarantee 1 Year

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