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CADAC BraaiMaxx - full house P.O.A

CADAC BraaiMaxx - full house P.O.A
CADAC BraaiMaxx - full house P.O.A
Brand: CADAC
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With 2 Independent cooking areas and 5 interchangeable surfaces, it will inspire the gourmet chef in you!

Whip up a paella while you barbeque some fresh fish, grill while you bake a pizza or stirfry beef while you smoke a fish.

A revolution in outdoor cooking with two independent cooking areas that allow for a variety of interchangeable cooking surfaces to be used; two at a time.

  • These surfaces include a SKOTTEL, WOK, 2 x BARBEQUE GRIDS, BAKING STONE and PAELLA PAN.
  • Two high performance burners designed for a wide temperature range from 100ºC to almost 300ºC. Together with the insulated domes, this allows for all methods of cooking, from slow cooking to baking, to perfect wok-style cooking, barbequing etc.

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Winner of the 1st Prize at SPOGA SHOW, GERMANY n 2009 for “Best Innovation in BBQ’s” Category.

Both cooking sides have an independent dome which is double skinned, insulated with a non-stick coating on the inside of the dome to assist cleaning. Each dome includes a thermometer.

The Braaimaxx has doube side tables and includes a BBQ cover.


  • Grill top: Includes 2 grill tops for traditional barbequing. The aluminium grill is coated in hard, low-stick CADAC C-coat, for easy cleaning. No more unhygienic grids.
  • Skottel/Teppanyaki: Made from high grade stainless steel and aluminium TriPly material – the stainless steel for wear and easy cleaning, and the aluminium for excellent heat distribution. Use the Skottel for stir fries, eggs and bacon, prawns, sausages, or for high-heat Teppanyaki cooking.
  • Baking stone: The baking stone is used for baking all types of bread – from the traditional loaf, to pizza, pita bread, from focaccia to nan bread.
  • Paella pan: Made from thick aluminium with PTPE non-stick coating. Ideal for paellas and risotto.
  • CADAC BraaiStyle Wok: Carbon steel wok allows for high temperatures to ensure perfect wok-style cooking. Solid stainless steel handle.
  • Cutting board: A bamboo cutting board drops into the front handle for food preparation.
  • 5-Jet Turbo-Burner: With the CADAC 5-Jet Turbo-burner you can slow cook for hours at low temperatures (at 100°C) constantly, or high cook and bake at high temperatures near 300°C. Each burner is finely adjustable, includes both piezo ignition and flame failure shut off.

The fixed side table leaves plenty of room for food preparation. All the various tops are stored in the cabinet. The gas cylinder (not included) is also stored away and tidy.

Cleaning the BBQ burner box is now also made easy with an easy-to-clean construction. During cleaning and washing, the water drains to the back of the fire box and then into a drainage bucket at the back. The dirty water collects in the bucket which is easy to remove. The dirty water is simply thrown away, the bucket wiped clean and easily replaced at the back of the BraaiMaxx Deluxe and BraaiMaxx.

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Product Type Freestanding Patio Trolley Braai
Fuel Type Gas
Dimensions 1602mm (w/l) x 717mm (d) x 1128mm (h)
Net Weight 99.3kg
Material High Quality Steel + Stainless Steel
Finish High Temperature Paint
Available Colours Beige, Cubanite Silver, Dark Grey, Nero (Black)
Included None.
Optional Extras None
Product Guarantee 5 Years

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